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1:1 Healing Embodiment

Healing Embodiment is created for deep relaxation and grounding for you to really embody your healing. The session is a fusion of healing touch, 

restorative yoga, aromatherapy selected for you, healing sounds for your whole being to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and deep relaxation. The session is very intuitive and will meet you at you needs. A nourishing presence and safe environment for you to melt in to your essence.

We will meet in a safe and calm environment in my home, surrounded by nature.


This is you who longing after:

  • Tranquility

  • Recharge

  • Land in your own space

  • Release heavy energy, anxiety and stress

  • Reconnect with your inner nature

  • Create space for the new

  • Let go of heavy energy

  • Get more light and uplifted energy

  • Feel your essence and deep connection with your inner nature

The session is 75 minutes.

To book your time klick here or send a mail to

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