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1:1 Premium Mentoring Program

This personalized mentoring program offers meetings in person with healing sessions, nature walks, yoga classes or other kind of rituals. It’s your space to be heard, hold and empowered. 


Working together, we create a roadmap of your life which allows you to flourish authentically as the unique person that you are.


This program is a powerful journey of self discovery and growth, as we decode and peel away the layers of conditioning, to connect with our deep profound wisdom. Under this program you will learn to develop your own healing rituals and self-love practices along with inspiration, motivation and empowerment to really embody your wellbeing. 

We will explore all aspects of a balanced and healthy living and what that means for you, your heart desires and how to attract that and take action to bring that into your life. We will aslo raise awareness of any limiting beliefs, unsupportive behaviors you may possess and get tools to break free from them. 

Based on your needs, we will:

  • Clarify your goals - and design action steps towards them in a fun and empowering way. 

  • Explore a mindful-living

  • Develop your self-love rituals

  • Learn stress management 

  • Learn the power of thoughts

  • Learn about food that serves you best

  • Claim the full expression of your life (creativity)

  • Release fears

  • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight

  • Reclaim your energy and find your balance  

  • Increase your energy level

The program include:

  • 6 x coaching session trough phone or skype

  • 6 x personal meetings with healing session etc.

  • Unlimited email support

  • Email with progression and notes from each session

  • Tools and empowering action steps

  • Informative handouts

  • Bonuses

To learn more or to book your time, simply contact here or write

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