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My Offerings For You

1:1 Healing Emodiment


Melt in your essence and receive new energy. Healing Embodiment is a deep grounding and recharging session, that's activating your parasympathetic nervous system and invite you to land into stillness and your inner world. It's a fusion of healing touch, aroma therapy for your need, restorative yoga and sound healing. 

1:1 Yoga Sessions


Whether you are totally new to yoga, want to deepen your practice, learn more in depth or want to receive yoga therapy to de-stress, or to help in the healing process of a physical or psychological trauma. This private yoga session will have full focus on your special needs and wishes.

1:1 PREMIUM Mentoring Program


With personal meetings  of coaching and healing sessions, this

tailored program, will support you in your unfolding in health and wellbeing. 

1:1 Mentoring Program


In order to be healed, you need to heard. These programs offers you a space to express, dream and be hold. It is a personalized program that meets you where you are. My role is to hold your back and give you the tools to dig deep, break free and transform. 

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