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This space is created for you to move into more freedom, ease and joy. A place where you can recharge, reconnect and nourish all aspects of yourself. In a safe and inspiring environment you will get support and tools to unfold in your healing journey and mindful-living, in tune with nature and your wellbeing. Let’s embrace our lives and ourselves to rise and shine unapologetically, shall we?

One of my deepest core beliefs is that we all come down to earth with a purpose. We all have something to share with the world. Our individual uniqueness: Our presence. Our dreams, visions, ideas that calls us and ask to be manifested. Our wellbeing.


When we stand in our center, we can give more and serve our families and communities without feeling drained. But the fast paced lifestyle, societies expectation, fears of all kind and the hectic tempo often draw us away from our truest self and what we truly need, making us feel stressed and lose our balance. Therefore this space is created. My intention is always to hold a safe and loving room, where you will feel heard, nourished and inspired to activate your authentic power.

Along with the knowledge about holistic nutrition, you will find inspiration to a green living and support and guidance to step in to your wellbeing aligned with your heart's aspirations. Everything you will ever need, is already within you. The question is, are you ready to embark this transforming journey? If you feel a HELLYES inside of you - it’s my honor to hold the space for you. Click here get started.

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My mission is to create a platform for conscious lifestyle in tune with nature, the animals and oneself. I strongly feel called to serve for a more sustainable and peaceful environment. I love to share my passion for yoga, nature's wisdom and the holistic lifestyle through my work. Holding this sacred space for selv-healing and self-love work is my heart's truest joy. 

Malou Saga

Certified Holistic health coach. Yoga teacher. Space holder. Liberating dance facilitator and self-love advocate.

In 2015 Malou graduated from Integrative Institution of Nutrition, New York. In addition to completing a 200 hours yoga teacher training in hatha/vinyasa in Rishikesh, India in 2014, she also have a 130 hour teacher training in a holistic training form which combines yoga, dance, pilates and holistic energy-work in Copenhagen, Denmark, along with several other courses and trainings in self-development and space holding.

When she's not traveling, you will find her in the mist of the lakes and forests in Dalarna, in the middle of Sweden.

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