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Healing the inner masculine

What is the divine masculine qualites and how does inbalance in this field look and feel like?

At the moment I'm contemplating alot about how my inner masculine is showing up in my life and how it reflects in all relations.

We all hold both feminine and masculine energies within us, to create inner union we must look deep witihin ourselves and regognize where we are wounded. The relation to the masculinity is direct linked to our fathers, so I been diving deep into my relationship with my own father... A man I only saw once that I can remember. A man I never knew, but always longed for. A man of foreign country I couldn’t speak with... I never knew what a father would feel like and how it should make me feel. I can see now, how this relationship has formed my core beliefs in which I navigate my life from and my relationship with the masculinity both extranal and internal...

By honuring my inner-masculinity, I stand up for myself, knowing my worth and set boundaries of love for myself. I create a safe space for me to be the whole me; fragal like a flower, yet strong like a river of ever ending life force - blooming out in my fullness and letting the feminine feel safe to flow and express herself.

So I purge them toxic patterns out, by crying, moving, breathing, sleeping and consciously re-create new empowering beliefs. This is deep work and to be honest is hard to feel into it all, but situation is given and trust I am ready. Feeling blessed that I have courage to always choose freedom and strength to heal the wounded within me. Cause it's only when we step out of the victim bowl, we will truly be free. 🕊



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