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Honor Your inner rhythm

One of the most life affirming things I know, is to receive cosmic inspiration & idéas and to be a vessel for creativity to pour trough me into the spaces I hold. I love it soo much, that sometimes I forget my inner needs.

Recently I posted about Embody Your Nature workshop - one idéa that have been asking to be born and I felt called and eager to gather for this theme!

But at the same time, I felt some kind of hesitation somewhere.So I created some space for stillness in the forest for a few days and allow myself to let go of the idéas of "all things I need to do", and simply surrender to what my inner-nature wanted to communicate. It told me, "Wait my love, now it's time for you to slow down. Now it's time for you to rest"I came to realize that I been in the creation/giving mode for quite a long while now, with a faster pace then my inner rhythm now wanted. That inorder to give - I need to fill my 'inner-well' with nourishing stillness. As I am now in my "inner winter" season, it's time to fall into deep rest and time for reflection and just being. The winter invites us to take a step back allow the slower pace and enter the dreamworld -without acting on the dreams or idéas that pass by - but simply do, n o t h i n g.

So I listen, I honor and I allow my intuition and inner-nature to guide my way on.. 🙏

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